5 Reasons Why Gardening Tools Are Important [& WHICH ARE BEST!]

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For plant lovers, making their own garden is like a dream come true. It’s a joy to look after a garden full of your favorite flowers and plants. However, proper gardening requires you to have the proper gardening tools. If you are new to gardening, you might wonder, why are garden tools important? This article will help you get your answer.

Gardening tools are necessary for planting, taking care of the plant, and harvesting. Without the proper tools, gardening will require a significant amount of unnecessary time and energy. Gardening tools ensure better transportation and gardening results. Simply put, your gardening efficiency will increase when using the right tools.

There are many types of gardening tools. Each type comes with different sizes, shapes, and qualities. You have to choose the right tools for your garden and use them properly to make the most of it. That’s why in this article, I have discussed the importance of gardening tools along with a list of a few must-have tools for your garden.  

5 Reasons Why Gardening Tools Are Important

Gardening tools help you save your time and energy. With proper gardening tools, you can achieve better gardening results and your plants will have better growth. Here are five reasons why you should use gardening tools-

1. They Save You Time

Gardening tools can significantly reduce the time required for gardening procedures. Gardening tools are designed to perform specific tasks. As a result, they are much more efficient at doing them. Your hands aren’t built for gardening, so they’re less efficient.

A shovel digs faster than your hands. Carts are far superior modes of transportation. Not only that, but if you don’t use tools, you’ll have to expend a lot more energy on each task, which will leave you exhausted and unable to get much gardening done. However, with the right tools, you can complete tasks much more quickly and save a lot of time.

2. Gardening = Moving Heavy Stuff!

Anyone that has tried gardening out will know it involves moving around a lot of heavy or cumbersome stuff! If you don’t use tools for this task and just carry them by hand, you will need to make several trips to collect all the items. This is a huge waste of time, especially if you have a long backyard or large garden. Instead, you should use a garden cart or wheelbarrow.

The Garden cart or wheelbarrow will facilitate the movement of plants and other items in the garden with ease and in a shorter amount of time. Using this, you can reduce the time it takes in transportation significantly. You will not need additional manpower for transportation as well.

These days you can even buy carts and wheelbarrows with off-road style tires, that can pretty much go anywhere in your garden. And if you are losing your strength for some reason (probably old age) you could even opt for a powered cart to really make the whole thing simple!

3. Better Gardening Results

If you use the proper tools, all your gardening work will be much easier to do to a higher standard. For example, with tools, you can clean and remove all the weeds. If you try to clean them without a tool, there is a high probability that some weeds will remain. This will result in a mediocre garden.

Some people may damage the surrounding plants when removing weeds, something much less likely if you are using the appropriate tools.

Again, if you don’t use a water hose or other watering tools, all your plants won’t get watered properly, and they won’t grow as well. The list can go on. As the tools are designed specifically to do a particular gardening job, they can do a far better job than if you do it with your hands. That’s why using proper gardening tools results in a better garden.

4. Helps in Digging and Cleaning

Shovels and spades help you with the arduous task of digging your soil. Especially if you have a big garden with hard soil, digging with your hands or wooden sticks would be nearly impossible. Whereas a spade can be extremely helpful in digging tasks. You can use it in tight spaces and dig holes there. Shovels and spades also help in transferring dirt from a wheelbarrow.

If you use a weeder, you will be able to get rid of weed much easier. A bow rake will help you in cleaning all your leaves. Additionally, it can also assist you in spreading mulch.

5. Helps You Match Soil to Plants Needs!

Soil is the lifeblood of any garden and directly affects the way your plants grow. Different types of plants need different soil types, something that is so much easier to find out with the modern soil testing kits available. Soil PH and moisture are just some of the things they test for.

If you don’t plant a plant according to the soil, there is a high chance that the growth of that plant will be hampered. For example, an orchid is a sensitive plant and won’t grow unless the soil is right. The process becomes simple when you have a soil tester on hand 🙂

9 Must Have Gardening Tools

Whether you are a newbie or an expert, you need some tools that are essential for making a beautiful garden. Gardening is a lot more exciting and simpler with the help of correct tools.

Let’s discuss a few must-have gardening tools for your benefit-  

1. Gloves

Even if you don’t mind touching the soil and dirt with your bare hands, you still need a pair of gloves to avoid any hassles. Wearing properly fitted gloves will make the work of digging, weeding, or planting easier.

Gloves will help you to avoid scratches and allergies. Once you get used to wearing gloves, gardening will be a lot more comfortable. However, consider wearing gloves made of breathable materials.

2. Trowels

The trowel is one of the favorite tools of gardeners. A trowel can be used to dig out areas for plants and flowers. You can also fill in the holes with the help of it when your job is done.

There are many types of trowels on the market. It would be best if you choose the one with a wooden handle that’s firmly connected to the metal blade. As the construction is strong, it won’t easily break.

3. Spade

A Spade is a kind of digging tool that has square edges. After digging the plot, you will need a spade to finish trimming the edges.

Apart from digging holes and trimming, you can use it for removing big shrubs and leaf piles, and separating and mixing compost.

4. Weeder

A weeder is an excellent tool for removing unwanted plants from your garden. A good weeder will help you to extract plants from their roots.

A forged steel weeder will be best if you want long-lasting equipment. Consider using a comfortable one, as you have to spend a long time removing weeds (as any gardener will tell you!).

5. Garden Hoe

A garden hoe is necessary for digging and also getting rid of weeds. Hoes can rip out weeds quicker from moist soil rather than dry ones. So, it will work better on recently watered or rained on land.

Hoes come in different shapes and sizes. You have to choose the one according to your needs.

6. Hand Pruners

A hand pruner is a tool for cutting and trimming your plants. It is an essential tool to keep your plants in shape and help them grow perfectly.

Hand pruners can be used to cut and trim leaves and small brunches. If you want a tool for cutting big branches, pruning saws will come in handy.

7. Loppers

Lopper is also a cutting tool. It helps to cut the branches and twigs that are hard to cut with a hand pruner. However, it can’t cut big branches a pruning saw can cut.

Loppers generally have long handles. Thus, if you need to reach into the grass or work in confined spaces, loppers can serve you well.

8. Watering Hose

You need a water hose for watering your plants. You can take it to your plants, turn it on, and keep it there until the plants get enough water. So, it is a reliable tool for saving your time and energy.

You can also repair the hose easily if it gets damaged. Thus, it is better to use a water hose than carrying around heavy water cans for watering the garden.

9. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is the most significant tool as it helps you to carry heavy loads around your garden. It is a must-have tool for reducing your workload in the garden.

It will help you to carry a large amount of soil, and also other heavy gardening tools from one place to another easily.


Gardening tools help you to do all sorts of gardening activities effortlessly and efficiently. As of now, I’m sure you understand why garden tools are important? By using the correct tools while gardening, you will be able to get your desired results.

So, don’t forget to buy the right gardening tools for your garden. Thanks for reading.