The Best 10 Gardening Aprons For 2023

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If you’re an enthusiastic gardener, then you’ve probably noticed that gardening destroys your clothes. It’s frustrating and something that can be rather a nuisance. However, there is one way to counteract this issue, and this is to purchase a gardening apron.

As you can imagine, there is an abundance of different aprons available on the market. To help narrow down this selection, I’ve decided to compile some comprehensive research based on the best gardening aprons. Here’s what I found:

Best Gardening ApronsAmazon Customer Ratings
(at time of writing)
SWISSELITE Garden Apron4.5 (173 reviews)
Parva Garden Gardening Apron (for women)4.5 (23 reviews)
Roo Garden Apron4.5 (101 reviews)
Canvas Garden Tool Apron by MyDays4.5 (99 reviews)
Zenport Harvest Apple Citrus Agrikon Fruit Picking Bag4.5 (20 reviews)
Unisex Canvas Apron with Pockets4.5 (970 reviews)
BOJECHER Garden Apron4.5 (244 reviews)
ZELARMAN Adustable Waterproof Apron4 (56 reviews)
Hudson Durable Goods Black Apron5 (6,006 reviews)
Esschert Design Canvas Tool Apron4 (128 reviews)

There is a wide range of “excellent” gardening aprons, as you can see from the above information. Although it would be nice to purchase every single one, it just isn’t needed. If you need more information on these products before making the initial investment, you should read the below.

Best gardening apron

Now, for this reason, we’re all here today, the best gardening aprons of 2023. Aprons come in all different shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and materials. Because of this, it can be challenging to find some genuinely well-rounded brands online that offer “good” aprons.

From being a gardener myself who has experienced both good and bad aprons, I decided to assemble this list to help my fellow growers. So below, we talk about the ten best gardening aprons that you should consider in 2023.  

1.SWISSELITE Garden Apron

The first honorable mention on this list is a gardening apron from SwissElite. The name itself is a rather bold statement as the best crafted products are  Swiss-made.

This apron is constructed from durable and waterproof 900D Oxford canvas, plus nylon and leather straps for added strength. Because of the build quality and materials used, we can quickly understand this garden apron from SwissElite is a well-rounded masterpiece.

Included with the outstanding build quality is the vast amount of color variations from which you can choose. If you’re like me, you like having a choice between things. In this situation, it’s color, which is perfect in my eyes. With the SwissElite garden aprons, you can choose between black, blue, dark blue, green, grey, and even yellow, meaning everyone will have their “perfect” color.

Pros Cons
This apron is Swiss made, which ensures us it’s a quality productNeck and back adjustment is one piece instead of two separate ones
It’s a long gardening apron, so your clothes are protectedSometimes leather isn’t the best material to tie knots in, and it can become loose
With the color choices, customers have an array of options to choose between 

The bottom line

I think this SwissElite garden apron is superb and more than worth considering. It has everything you look for in an apron, durability, versatility, style, color, and much more.

2.Parva Gardening Apron (for women)

Sorry for any men reading this post, but I needed to mention this gardening apron from Parva. The color, design, style, and material used just ticks all of the boxes. It’s incredibly lightweight but still holds excellent water-resistant capabilities.     

The color used on this apron is designed to hide dirt from appearing, which is somewhat crucial. Included with this, it has deep pockets, so you’re able to store all of your essential tools like a gardening trowel, fork, and secateurs, etc.  

Pros Cons
The color used on the canvas is designed to minimize the appearance of dirtThe straps are known to move a lot within the eyelets
It has deep pockets to ensure you’re able to fit most gardening hand tools within themA minimal number of people have reported that the stitching has become loose on the buckles
Parva is a small business; therefore, you’re helping them out a lot. 

The bottom line

This gardening apron from Parva is something I like to call a classic timepiece. But, of course, gardening aprons that follow this style have been around for years, and there are good reasons for it.  The build quality is good, and the fact it’s a small business makes it even better.

3.Roo Garden Apron

If you’re a vegetable gardener, this next garden apron from Roo may be something you want. When harvesting your crops, it can be frustrating having to move a basket along your garden to store your produce after it has been picked. However, with this Roo garden apron, you’re able to slot it within your apron, a bit like a kangaroo.

The apron is made from industrial strength cotton, which offers superb water-resistant capabilities so you don’t have to worry about getting wet. Included with the storage pouch, you also get a full-length apron to ensure you don’t get dirty clothes.  

Pros Cons
Great versatility, as it’s able to be used as an apron, temporary storage for produce, and can protect the user from any sharp roses, etcHas plastic hooks to release the storage pouch, which can break easily
Made from nylon, so it’s waterproof and straightforward to washThe adjustment for the pouch is also bungee/elastic material which can become worn quickly

The bottom line

For a vegetable gardener, this apron is a superb choice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the most flattering apron in the entire world, but it’s incredibly convenient for harvesting your crops and protecting your clothes.

4.MyDays Canvas Garden Tool Apron

If you’re looking for an apron with a bit of character, then this MyDays Apron may be worth considering. This apron is like a 50/50. 50% of people will love it, and the other 50 hate it. It depends on your style and personality. However, apart from its funky pattern, it’s a well-rounded apron optimized for durability and practicality.

With this apron, you’ll find five deep pockets in which you’re able to store tools. These pockets can withstand the pressure of having sharp hand tools within them and not become pierced or broken.

Pros Cons
It has two areas of adjustment, one for the waist, and one for the backAdjustments involve plastic clips, which can be broken easily
Multiple sized pockets to put specific tools in themBecause of the light color, dirt can easily be seen on the apron
Looks different and more unique than other aprons on the marketPeople have suggested that after heavy usage, pockets can become worn

The bottom line

If you’re someone with a bubbly personality, then this apron may be something you’d like to consider. It certainly isn’t my cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t yours. The adjustments are significant from what I know, but there could be a few improvements to the overall build quality.

5.Zenport Harvest Apple Citrus Agrikon Fruit Picking Bag

This next apron is again for all the vegetable gardeners reading this post. If you’re someone that harvests large areas of produce and has to lug a large basket or container around with them to store your crops temporarily, then you may want to consider this apron from Zenport. 

Like the ROO apron we mentioned above, gardeners have a little kangaroo sack to store crops in when harvesting. It isn’t just easily accessible, but it also reduces the amount of equipment you need to carry around when performing this task.  

Pros Cons
Extremely durable and robust, as it can hold up to 65 pounds of produceUnlike the Roo apron mentioned, it doesn’t protect your chest
The strap allows for extra comfort when lifting heavy loadsImbalanced lifting strap, as it can only be placed on one shoulder
Its supplied with deep pockets, so it reduces the number of items that fall out while workingSome people cannot fill this pouch with 65 pounds of produce as it’ll be too heavy

The bottom line

If you don’t have any shoulder or back-related pain and you can happily lift 65 pounds, then you can take full advantage of this apron.  

6.Unisex Canvas Apron with Pockets

Perhaps you’re looking for a bog-standard apron that is inexpensive and fits your requirements. If that’s the case, you need to take a look at this Unisex Canvas Apron. As you can see, it has a variety of different pockets to fit all your gardening necessities and also “fits the theme” of being a gardener.

Due to its dark green appearance, it’ll minimize the chances of looking dirty, meaning you won’t have to wash it continuously. However, if you do, it’s made from canvas, so it’s relatively easy to clean without damaging it.

Pros Cons
For all gardeners, it’s affordablePeople have commented on this product, saying the sizes are smaller than expected
It comes in an array of different sizes and has multiple adjustment pointsAdjustment areas are plastic clips that can easily break
It’s crafted from canvas, so it’s hardwearingBecause of the price, the build quality isn’t as good as the others mentioned, but that’s expected.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a typical gardener’s apron and don’t want to spend a boatload of cash, this is the perfect option. With the apron, you get all the pockets, adjustments, and protection areas you need from an apron.

7.BOJECHER Garden Apron

Another inexpensive apron is this one from BOJECHER. Without a doubt, the appearance looks great. However, I’ll be honest, this apron appears to be more targeted towards men than women. Nonetheless, it’s a great apron for the price as it comes equipped with an abundance of different pockets that can fit all of your gardening tools.

Including the above, you’ll also be greeted by some highly durable 600D Oxford cloth which is well-known for withstanding many usages—not convinced? They even have an excellent 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure you’re happy with your purchase. If that doesn’t make you feel better about your purchase, what about an 18-month warranty on quality-related issues.

Without a doubt, this apron can provide an astronomical number of benefits at a minimal price. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend an arm or a leg on a gardening apron, then this is truly a great option.

Pros Cons
With this apron, you’ll get 5x large pockets, 4x medium pockets, and 4x small pocketsAdjustments are only made from plastic; due to this, they could break easily
Made from 600D Oxford cloth to ensure durabilityPeople have said that the sizes come up small

The bottom line

For the price, this apron looks reasonably good. However, what I like about it is the number of pockets that are included. From this, you’re able to access a vast number of tools quickly and efficiently.

I would only purchase an apron like this if I were only to use it occasionally. However, if you’re looking for an apron, that’ll provide you long-term benefits, then I suggest you consider something like the Hudson Durable Goods aprons (mentioned below).

8.ZELARMAN Adjustable Waterproof Apron

Another popular apron within the gardening community is the waterproof one from ZELARMAN. This apron is constructed from denim-like material and provides some excellent durability. However, it makes it nearly impossible to pierce through this with gardening tools because of its thick fabric.

Because the material is thick, many people believe it’ll be hard to wash. However, it’s known to be easy cleaning. From this, you’re able to be supplied with a great durable apron that can be washed straightforwardly.

Pros Cons
Comfortable and durableOnly has one area of adjustment
Has deep pockets to fit long hand tools in themThis apron only has three pockets
Made with water repellent materials to ensure you don’t get wetFrom the listing, there is only one size available

The bottom line

For the money, this is a pretty good apron. Yes, there are some flaws around it, but this may be the perfect apron if they don’t bother you.

9.Hudson Durable Goods Apron

Now, if you want a stylish, durable, and well-crafted apron, you need to be considering this Hudson Durable Goods apron. From first sight, we can see this is prestigious. With over 6,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, the looks also match up with the quality of goods. Without a doubt, this mid-ranged apron could be much higher in price. But it isn’t, and that’s why I’ve mentioned it on this list.

Pros Cons
It’s well known for its highly comfortable fitIt has been mentioned that maybe the pockets are too deep for some
Has enough pockets to fit all your hand gardening tools inOnly one point of adjustment to suit back and waist
Looks stylish and professional 

The bottom line

If you want to guarantee the quality, then this apron needs to be mentioned. Without a doubt, it’s a superb product and something I recommend to everybody within the gardening community.

10.Esschert Design Canvas Tool Apron

This last mention is from a company called Esschert, and they’ve created a fantastic looking apron. Of course, this apron gets a ten from me for the visual appearance, but what about the other valuable properties?

You’re given enough pockets with this apron, but they don’t look as deep as many mentioned on this list. Included with this, you have two areas of adjustments located around your neck and waist to ensure you have a comfortable fit.

Pros Cons
A great inexpensive option for a gardening apronMany people have mentioned that it’s only for beginner use

The bottom line

If you are looking for a cheap apron for everyday use, this may be the perfect option. From this, you’ll receive an “okay” apron at a low price.

As you can see, there are a vast number of aprons from which you’re able to choose. Hopefully, after reading the above, you’re able to decide which apron suits your needs the most. However, if you’re still unsure, I recommend you read the below guide:

What to look out for when buying a gardening apron

It’s evident that they’re such an abundance of different gardening aprons that you can choose from, and it can be frustrating. As humans, if we’re given too many options, it can be hard to decide, as we don’t know what’s good or bad.

To help you further understand whether or not an apron is appropriate for you, I suggest you read the below.

Choose a durable material

First things first, you’ll want to opt-in for a strong material. Material is everything, and failing to opt-in for the correct one, could result in you wasting money. In today’s age, we don’t want to do this, so you should think about the below:

When thinking about material and aprons, you’ll want to choose something a little thick. Consider it needs to be thick enough to ensure your pruners or other gardening equipment doesn’t pierce through.

If you want a rough idea of what material to choose, you’ll want to purchase an apron with at least 100% cotton, canvas, or denim.

Consider pockets

Although garden aprons are designed to keep our clothes clean, they can also be convenient to hold tools. From this, you’re able to garden without having to lug around all of your trusty hand tools. In addition, this allows you to perform maintenance on your garden faster and more efficiently.

When considering pockets, you need to think of quantity as well as size. The number of pockets can help you determine how many tools you’ll be able to fit onto your apron. However, it would help if you also were thinking about the length of the pockets. Some aprons come with short pockets to hold your very essential equipment inside of them. But others sometimes have deep and long pockets so that you can put gardening tools like secateurs inside.

Make sure it is adjustable

Something else you need to think about is how well does the apron adjust. For example, the best type of aprons have adjustments on both the neck area and waist. This way, you’re able to ensure you can achieve a snug fit, which is much needed if you’re going to be wearing it for prolonged periods of time.

Think color and style

lastly, you want to think about your color and style. Don’t get me wrong, some people don’t care about this, but others do. However, in the real world, I would only consider color and style as a “must” after I’ve ensured myself that the above suits my requirements. This way, you’re able to obtain something stylish, as well as being practical.

From the above, you should be able to head into the gardening apron market comfortably and select a good quality one based on the above requirements.

Do gardeners wear aprons?

I commonly hear people say, “do I need an apron to garden?” and the answer is no, not all gardeners wear aprons. It is because they’re not a gardening necessity, as you can perform gardening without one.

However, it doesn’t mean gardening aprons don’t provide you some immense benefits. To understand why people wear these, you should read the below:

  • Protection – One of the main reasons people wear aprons for gardening is that it protects them and their clothes. When you purchase a long-faced apron that’s made from thick material, you’re able to kneel on it like a mat. Because of this, you’re protecting your knees from any future injuries. Included with this, you’ll almost have a thick layer of protection that will stop your clothes from becoming dirty, and prevent any harm caused by rose bushes, etc.
  • Convenience – Another popular reason is that people love to store their tools within them. This way, you’re able to garden on the go by just holding your handy tools in your small pouches.
  • Stylish – Lastly, gardeners love to wear them because it makes them look like gardeners. It’s like a hip trend, and people want to look like they partake in gardening and therefore purchase gardening aprons.


After reading the above, you should have developed some knowledge based on gardening aprons and which ones are currently the favorite in today’s market. Included with these suggestions, I’ve also given you valuable tips on how to choose an apron. From this, you’re able to ensure yourself you are purchasing something worthwhile and that suit your requirements.

So, now you understand which aprons are the best in the industry, why not consider buying one? You’ll gain a boatload of benefits and also save yourself a few clothes sets a year.