13 Cheap Ways To Block a Neighbors View: Ultimate Guide!

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Would you like your neighbors staring at you when you are just relaxing in your patio or backyard? Obviously No!

So, the question is, how to block your neighbor’s view? (that won’t cost you a wedge of cash!) Well, that’s what I’m going to share with you in this article. Make sure you read till the end. Let’s get started!

Here are the 13 cheap ways to block a neighbors’ view:

#1. Install Fence

You can do fencing to increase privacy in your backyard or patio. You can either do wooden fencing or even erect a metal fence.

The metal fences, like the corrugated ones, look nice and you can get them easily at cheaper rates.

But the problem with it is once they corrode, they lose their beauty. However, as long as you are ready to maintain them, it is all good.

On the bonus side, the corrugated metal fence can also help to block winds. Also, the heavy corrugated metal fence can serve as a noise barrier.

Now, if you aren’t interested in installing the metal fencing, then wooden fencing might be the option you would like.

In the case of wooden fencing, you can add the traditional wooden fence which has vertical wooden slats. But the problem is, that might look quite tall.

So you can install horizontal wooden slats and also add lattice over them to have a little softer and nicer look.

Watch this video that shows around 45+ great fence ideas for privacy:

#2. Use Outdoor Screens

This next solution is particularly helpful if you have the combination of a nosey neighbor and a pation 🙂 Using outdoor screens while you are relaxing on your patio can be an easy and simple way to stop anyone poking their nose in where it doesn’t belong 🙂

Outdoor screens are basically sheets of cloth mounted on metallic stands. And the best thing is these outdoor screens are quite portable.

So you can just move them and place them wherever you like, either in your backyard or patio region. They are foldable too, so you can just fold them and keep them away after using them.

There are also other types of screens available, like the outdoor privacy deck screens. They are made of mesh and allows any breeze to flow through but blocks your neighbors from seeing you. Perfect!

Here’s a video that shows what I am talking about. You can watch it get some ideas.

Outdoor screens are generally cheap and easily available. So if you are looking for a cost-effective privacy option, then this can be your choice.

#3. Make A Garden Slat Wall

You can use a screen panel or a room divider to cover up your patio. But that can become expensive.

Instead, you can make a garden slat wall that not only looks beautiful but also works well in giving you the privacy you need.

To make this wall, you have to dig two 22 inch holes to place the posts. After you dig the holes, then it is time to place the posts into them.

Then, after making sure that the posts are completely leveled, add the concrete sand into the holes for stability.

Then one by one screw the boards into the posts and do make sure to keep some gaps between each board (roughly keep around half-inch apart)

Once the boards are set up, start filling the screw holes with wood filler. You can sand the boards properly, also stain them and add some protective coating over the board.

Once all this is done, you can just hang your beautiful flower pots that will add beauty to the structure.

#4. Grow Hedges

Hedges can be a great border plant that can help you with screening.

Vast walls or fencing can also be done, but they may also feel a bit like a prison! Instead, if you grow soft trees or structures which help to break up the view, it would be much more appealing, trust me!

For example, you can plant these Italian Cypress trees which grow in a straight upright column shape.

These trees can grow up to 70 feet or even taller than that and grow fast. They will not only block out the lower windows but also the upper windows in the house as well, thus providing you with the privacy you need.

This plant grows between 10 and 20 feet (which is 3-6m) wide. So even if you have quite a small space where you want to form the screening, this plant can fit well.

And since this is the natural way of blocking your neighbor’s view, you will get to enjoy the beauty of greenery and freshness in your outdoors.

Not only the Italian Cypress, but you can also grow Japanese Euonymus which can grow up to 15 feet tall, Arborvitae which can grow up to 40 feet tall, and others as border plants.

Just make sure that the plants you select are able to grow in your climatic conditions and water them thoroughly. And don’t forget you will need to trim them if they get too crazy 🙂

Thus, you can use this idea to form a privacy screen in your backyard.

#5. Grow Trees And Shrubs

Like our previous idea of growing hedges, you can also grow just a single large tree or few groups of shrubs anywhere in your patio, or backyard garden to break up a neighbors’ view.

You can plant a huge tree that will be a center piece attraction in the garden. While choosing the trees to create privacy in your patio or backyard, try to look for evergreen trees.

At last, you don’t want to have privacy all summer and then everything is open in the winter, right?

So it is good to select evergreen trees to have greenery as well as privacy all year round.

Also, if you are looking for a less permanent option, then you can select big potted plants that are lined up against each other. You can add plants such as bamboo, which is the fastest growing plant and start enjoying privacy quickly.

Growing your favorite trees and shrubs is actually a cost-effective way compared to building stone walls. Isn’t it?

#6. Grow Long Grasses

You can also grow long grass and thus use them as the privacy screen. A living fence is always a great option considering its beauty and greenery.

It will not only give you privacy but also make your backyard look elegant. There are various plants that you can choose to make a privacy screen.

As said, you can grow some trees and shrubs. But there are ornamental grasses that grow quickly compared to shrubs and evergreen trees and reach their mature size in two seasons.

So it can be a great option for you if you want to have privacy in less time.

Zebra Grass, Pampas Grass, hardy Clumping Bamboo, Feather Reed Grass, Pink Hair Grass, and Fountain Grass are some of the ornamental grasses that will add privacy to your landscape.

#7. Add Vines

Like the long grasses, you can use the vines to add privacy to your deck or patio.

What you have to do is just place some planters with vines under the lattice panels or trellis. And then your vines would just start climbing and wrapping them. Easy, right?

#8. Use Trellis

Trellis can also be an easy option for adding privacy to your deck or patio area. And trellis are not that big compared to fences and so they are easy to install.

Trellis can be a beautiful addition to your backyard garden patio since you can decorate them by using beautiful plants, and also by adding vines (as detailed above).

#9. Use Lattice Screens

Lattice screens are one of the cheapest options you can consider for blocking outsider’s eyes on you.

Lattice are generally made of natural materials such as wood. But they also come in plastic. I would suggest you use wooden or that made from natural material. Looks and feels way cleaner to me!

They also come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Some of them are flexible too and easy to set up.

Choose what suits best with your patio or backyard and start enjoying the privacy.

#10. Use Overhead Shade

If you have a neighbor near you that lives in an apartment or two-story building, then this is the option you can look for.

You can install a shade structure in your patio area or the backyard. The shade can be either made from sailcloth or other suitable clothing material that blocks neighbor’s from overlooking you. Or, you can also make use of plants and trees to make the overhead shade.

The benefit of having an overhead shade is not only just having privacy but also having a cool shade from the summer’s heat.

#11. Hang Outdoor Curtains

Hanging outdoor curtains is also one of the cheapest privacy ideas that you can use to block your neighbor’s view.

If you have a sitting area in your patio or backyard from where your neighbors quite frequently look at you and annoy you.

Then you can simply get some outdoor curtains which are easily available and install them to have the privacy you want. It would be great if you had some sturdy rods or wooden bars to support the curtains.

This idea is great because you can just fold the curtains and keep them away when don’t need them.

#12. Hang The Greeneries Tastefully

Yes, if you hang your plants in a tasteful way, then there are many benefits you can enjoy.

Firstly, you would definitely enjoy privacy as the ultimate goal when you hang your plants in such a fashion that any outsider’s view gets blocked.

But also, since you would be hanging beautiful plants tastefully, your neighbors wouldn’t be able to detect your real intention. You don’t want them realizing you are blocking them out, right!!

They might guess that it’s just a new kind of design that you are trying to achieve. But actually, only you know the real reason behind it. Isn’t that cool?

Your neighbors wouldn’t feel bad, also you could enjoy the beauty of the plants and privacy at the same time!

Moreover, hanging your plants would save space, and thus you can utilize that space for relaxing, grilling, outdoor decorations, or whatever you like.

#13. Install Creative View Blocker

In certain areas, it is not allowed to build tall fences. However, within your yard, sometimes it is allowed to build certain tall structures.

So you can be a little creative and make a creative view blocker. For example, do you have a lot of non-transparent plastic bottles in your home? Then you can turn it into a privacy screen.

You have to just cut the bottom of those non-transparent plastic bottles and singe the rough edges to make them smoother and look cleaner.

When you have a lot of such plastic bottoms which look like flowers, you can just assemble such plastic bottle flowers in a string. And then you can hang the finished product on a wooden support or any other similar kind of structure.

Actually, this is just one example. There are many DIY ways you can use to build such beautiful structures. You can get more ideas for a privacy screen in the video below.


So these were some of the cheap ways with which you can block your neighbor’s view. I hope now you can enjoy complete privacy in your patio, backyard, or on your front porch without the fear of your curious neighbor looking at you.

What Can I Use To Block My Neighbors View?

Outdoor screens, metal fences, hanging curtains can be used to block any neighbor’s view. Moreover, planting big trees, shrubs, hanging greeneries on the walls are some of the other ways that can be used to block the neighbor’s view.

How To Block a Neighbors View From Upstairs?

Generally, fences and walls will be sufficient to block the neighbor’s view from upstairs. However, planting tall trees like the Italian Cypress, Arborvitae can also be a great way to block a neighbor’s view from upstairs. Also, overhead shades can be installed which will not only add privacy but also protect from summer’s heat.

What Can I Put On Top Of My Fence For More Privacy?

Big size planters, climbers can be added on the top of the fence to block the neighbor’s view and to have more privacy. Also, tall plants can be grown on the borders to block the neighbor’s view. However, it is important to follow the laws on fence heights in your area.