Gardening is Making a Comeback: 7 Reasons You Should Try It!!

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Gardening is a wonderful hobby that’s loved by millions of people worldwide. Personally, I’ve been gardening for many years and I absolutely love it! But not everyone is convinced this is the right hobby for them. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should try your hand at gardening, here are some points to consider before you go out and buy your first garden trowel!

Top 5 Reasons Why Gardening is an Awesome Hobby!!

1. Gardening Is Stress Relieving

If you’re feeling stressed out at the office or after a bad day with the boss, go home and get your hands dirty gardening! Many people have found that working in the garden helps to de-stress. Not only is a garden a relaxing place to be (unless you live next to a highway!!), but engrossing yourself in it will help take your mind off those other more stressful parts of your life. It’s great to get some dirt under your fingernails and work the soil with your hands. If there’s one thing that will take you away from stress, it’s a garden!

As well as being stress relieving, some people have noted that gardening even helps them deal with anxiety and depression. The soil and the plants in a garden will help you relax, feel calm and enjoy life despite your problems. Gardening is therapeutic. Nuff said!!

2. Gardening Gets You in Touch with Nature

Not only is gardening relaxing, it is also an ideal hobby that allows you to get in touch with nature with nature! It’s nice to get outside and look up at the stars while spading your garden. Plus, nothing compares to the smell of freshly turned soil! We live in an increasingly technology based world, and we forget what it’s like to be connected to the natural world around us. Gardening can help you reconnect!

3. Gardening Keeps You Active

Gardening is a great hobby for someone looking to get fit. It’s a very active hobby that will have you bending, stretching, and reaching as you work in your garden. It’s hard work, but it will also help to keep you fit! Getting excited about your garden will make you want to spend time out there rather than sat on your couch like a potato! And sitting on the couch has been known to cause problems such as weight gain. Keep yourself active and healthy by gardening!

4. Gardening Involves Purpose

Many people these days find themselves purposeless. They wake up and ask, “What’s my purpose?” Well, how about gardening? Gardening will give you a purpose in life. Growing your own food or creating a garden oasis is such a rewarding thing to do! You will feel as sense of pride as you see your gardening projects spring into life! If you struggle to get motivated by regular life, try your hand at gardening and see what happens! You might find that the satisfaction it brings you makes you feel more fulfilled for longer! A purposeful life is a happy life!

5. Gardening is a Low Cost Hobby

Gardening is a low-cost hobby that everyone can afford! It doesn’t require advanced or expensive tools. You don’t even need to spend money on seeds! Gardening is such a low cost hobby that it’s possible for anyone to do it. You don’t need to spend money on a fancy garden area either! You can start with a pot of soil, a few plants, and some seeds to get things growing.

6. Gardening Gets You Out of the House!

With the increasing use of technology in society, it’s easy to stay inside all day long and never get out. But that’s no way to live! Gardening is an ideal hobby for nature-lovers as it gets you outside in the fresh air and sunshine. You’ll meet new people, learn new skills, and get in touch with your inner self.

Being outside more exposes you to sunlight, which in turn helps boost the Vitamin D in your body, something that is good for your health and wellbeing too.

7. Gardening is Great for the Whole Family!

Last but not least, gardening is great for the whole family. Not only does it create an amazing environment for your family to relax in, but it can also bring a family together with a common goal. No matter who it is, there is always a job you can do in the garden. A lot of children also love to help out in the garden. It’s great for teaching them responsibility and dedication as well as inspiring a life-long love of gardening! If you have kids, gardening is a great source of learning and inspiration for them! As you can see, gardening is a fun hobby with many benefits. Not just to you but your whole family!

How Do I Get Started with Gardening?

Want to give gardening a try? There are so many resources online to help you get started. Maybe get started by reading this (and other) blogs about gardening. You can also do the same with YouTube videos. This will give you the basic idea to start.

Then it’s a matter of getting the basic tools and materials you need. The easiest way is to check out a local nursery/ garden center and see if they have any starter kits you can buy. These kits include everything you need to get going, including soil, a watering can, and a few seed packets. And from here, you will be able to learn the basics of gardening as you go along!

If you are new to the hobby but don’t want to mess up your own garden as an newbie, then the best thing to do is find a local community garden. These are often open to the public and allow for people of all backgrounds to mingle and learn! As a bonus, there will be many experienced gardeners there to pick up tips and ideas from too. It’s always a good idea to try out a new hobby before fully committing to it. Gardening is so easy and low-cost that it’s possible for anyone to try their hand at it without too much initial cost.

Get Gardening!

These are just 5 main reasons why gardening is such an awesome hobby for anybody! Trust me, there are many more where this came from. Gardening is great for anyone who wants to:

Relieve stress

Get in touch with nature

Be active and fit

Feel more purposeful in life

Find a low cost hobby

Get outside more

Get the whole family involved!

It’s a fun hobby that will give you great satisfaction and it offers many rewards when you see your garden grow! So go out and get yourself a trowel, and enjoy this hobby!