Best Gardening Chairs or Stools for the Elderly in 2023

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We all love getting out in the garden and breathing in that fresh air, right? Unfortunately, as we get older and mobility issues raise their ugly head, this simple pleasure can be made more difficult to enjoy to the full. This is where a gardening chair or stool would come in. A comfortable place for you to do all the gardening your heart desires 🙂 Read on to find out my picks 🙂

6 Factors I look out for in a Gardening Chair or Stool?

1. Comfort

It goes without saying that, as something I would sit on for many hours, this chair or stool needs to be comfortable. This allows me to fully focus on the gardening jobs at hand 🙂

2. Mobility

As I garden, I need to be able to move around easily to tend to the different areas of my garden. So this chair or stool needs to be mobile or easy to move around by hand.

3. Accessibility

When I garden, ideally I want all my tools easily at hand. It’s no good if I have to keep getting out of the stool or chair to retrieve more tools.

4. Height

A chair or stool is no good if it is at the wrong height to garden comfortably. This would mean I need to stoop down or overreach up, which might lead to back issues.

5. Angle of Attack

As well as the height of the seating position, the angle of the seating position is also important for gardening. Too angled backwards and I will feel more like I am relaxing at the beach than gardening 🙂

6. Quality

I want to buy one stool or chair and it last for many years. I hate wastage and throwing cheap plastic items into landfill, so I prefer to buy a quality item that will last longer.

My Favorite Garden Gardening Chairs/ Stools for the Elderly

Before we get going, if you want to view any of the recommended products below over at Amazon, simply click the image of that product.

Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Cart Scooter with Wheels and Tool Tray

When I look at my requirements list above, this Sunnydaze model hits pretty much every point square on! This model has a proper good sized seat (not just a bench) for ultimate comfort and the perfect angle for gardening. This seat can also be raised and lowered to get the height you need.

There is also a handy tray under the seat to store any gardening tools you may need. Being a tray, this is much more flexible than the pouches found on a lot of the competition.

In terms of longevity, this is a sold metal framed product with very little plastic in sight. This stool will last even the most brutal gardener for many years!

Last but not least, the off road style tires mean that you can easily move this stool around and place it wherever you need in the garden.

The only slight downside here is the size of the stool/ chair. Some may find it a bit bulky in nature. But if this isn’t a concern for you, without a doubt this is the top gardening chair/ stool I would recommend. And considering what you are getting here, the price isn’t bad either!

Sunnydaze Garden Cart Rolling Scooter with Extendable Steer Handle

Here is another top of the line gardening chair from the good people over at Sunnydaze! Same metal construction and comfortable seat! Same height adjustability and off road tires! Same storage tray for your tools! So I hear you all shouting at the screen now ‘why have you recommended the same chair again!!!???’

Well, funny you should ask. Yes, this gardening stool has a lot of the same features as the one above, but it has one major difference that some people might prefer. It comes with a long handle at the front that can be used to move the chair around your garden like a cart. Some may find the handle-less design above cumbersome to move, so if that is you go for this model instead.

It is still an excellent gardening chair/ stool at an excellent price! And it has the added bonus of a circle shaped basket hanging off the back. Perfect for keeping a small bucket or a potted plant on!

Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Bonus Tool Pouches by XCSource

What we are getting into now is the more traditional gardening chair/ stool design. It has a metal frame coupled to a slightly padded platform for sitting or kneeling on, depending on the configuration. This gives you more choice for positioning whilst gardening, something you don’t get with the first two sit only stools.

The important thing with these is that they are designed to be sturdy and stand firm during use. Nothing worse than an unstable or wobbly chair or stool that causes you to topple over! No such problems here, leading to this being highly recommended as a stationary stool. And it is relatively light, so easy to move around by hand if need be.

I also like the width and size of the sitting/ kneeling platform, something that would be comfortable for a wide variety of people. This product also comes with a couple of well-placed tool pouches, meaning all your gardening tools can be close to hand.

The only slight downside for me is that this type of gardening stool won’t be quite as long lasting as the first two recommended above (in my opinion). But that is more down to the general design than the product itself. The upside is the simpler nature of this design makes it much cheaper!

Camping Stool, Folding Small Chair 11.5 inch / 13.5 inch

If you want something more compact as a gardening chair/ stool, then you should look outside the realms of products specifically designed for gardening (as they tend to stick to the designs above). This camping folding stool would be perfect.

Not only is it a comfortable stool to sit on whilst gardening, it is much lighter and smaller than the other stools detailed above, meaning it would be much easier to move around the garden. And, when not in use, this stool folds flat into a small bag. So is your storage space is limited for your gardening tools, this could be another reason to go for this stool.

Of course, there are downsides to the compact nature. It can only be used for sitting and it doesn’t come with the height adjustability of some of the other products listed here today.

However, this is one of the cheapest stools on the list today and it does still have a small pouch to put some gardening supplies in. If you have friends that you like to help out with gardening, this stool would be much easier to take with you too!

The Original Bucket Stool for 3.5 Gallon and 5 Gallon Buckets

If you are looking for something a bit different from the norm, you don’t only have camping stools to choose from. This bucket stool is another amazing option. As the name suggests, you simply place this stool seat on the top of any bucket you happen to have lying around, and you have a readymade gardening stool. Just make sure that you match the size of the bucket to the stool you order!

In terms of longevity, this one is by far the best. Yes, the stool seat is made out of plastic, but the design is so simple that it won’t break easily and should last most gardeners many years. And when the bucket breaks, you replace it with another one you have in your gardening store! Simple and long lasting.

Need height adjustments? Simply get hold of compatible buckets of varying heights. Problem solved 🙂

And the real genius is the bucket part. It gives you all the storage you need for gardening tools whilst on the stool. And that storage is bigger and more flexible, making it suitable for a wider range of objects. You could even have different buckets setup for different gardening jobs (with the appropriate set of tools already inside). Simply move the stool seat to the bucket you need at any one time.

Just be aware that it won’t be quite as easy to put in and take out the tools as some of the other options above. Especially when you are seated on it 🙂

This bucket seat is super portable too, and the price is (as you can imagine for something so simple) one of the lowest of all the products listed.

The only thing I would say is that the sturdiness of the stool will very much depend on the sturdiness of the bucket. So make sure to use one with a wide and sturdy base that couples perfectly with the dimensions of the bucket stool seat.

The more I write about this bucket stool seat, the more I love it for gardening 🙂

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