Lily Propagation [HOW TO]

Lily Propagation

Lily plants are beautiful plants, whether for your garden or as a gift to another loved one. People adore these striking, sweet lilies that add a lot of vibrance to your backyard garden, or your front pavement garden. They usually bloom in the summer season and bring an air of fantasy to your place by … Read more

Daylily Propagation & Hybridization [HOW TO]

Daylily propagation

We always want to propagate the plants we love. If you have a beautiful plant like a daylily in your garden, some kind of propagating desire will surely arise in your mind. You want them to grow in multiple places in huge numbers. So for this purpose, you must know the easy and successful method … Read more

What Is Lilly Disease? How to Prevent?

Lilly Diseases

Lillies are gorgeous perennials grown from bulbs. They produce colorful flowers in late spring or summer. They are grown for bulbs, like garden flowers, or potted plants. They add value to your garden when healthy and vigorous. Unfortunately, these flowering plants are prone to diseases and viruses that badly affect crop production. The common Lilly … Read more

Can You Put New Mulch Over Old Mulch? (We Find Out)

Can You Put New Mulch Over Old Mulch?

Mulching is an essential practice for gardeners of all levels. It can help retain soil moisture as well as preserve the temperature of the soil, protecting plants from excessive heat or cold. However, many gardeners can get confused as to whether or not they can put new mulch over old mulch. This is why I’ve … Read more

Why Are My Vegetables Growing So Slowly?

Why are my vegetables growing so slowly?

Slow-growing vegetables are usually the first roadblock a newbie gardener will face when trying to create a thriving garden. Understanding why this is the case as well as what you can do to fix it will make a big difference in the overall growth of your garden. This is why I’ve written this blog post … Read more