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What is a Lily
Lily Culture
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Lily Diseases
Lily Pests
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L.A. Hybrids Gallery
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Orienpets Gallery
Trumpets Gallery
Species Gallery

What is a Daylily
Daylily Flowers
Daylily Culture
Daylily Propagation
Daylily Pests
Daylilies A-E Gallery
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Daylilies N-Z Gallery

My Lily Hybrids Gallery

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Fun Pictures
Fun Pictures Gallery


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My Gardening Blog

Canadian Lily

Lilies From The Valley
giving Lilies a chance to grow again...
Gatrix Garden Supplies
The Lily Nook
Valley K Greenhouses
S-W Gardens
Ferme Les Champs Fleuris

US Lily Suppliers

Lily Flower Store
Day Lily plants and Lily Bulbs and more. One of the largest selections on the web at affordable prices!

Seed and Bulb Suppliers

Dominion Seed House
Halifax Seeds
Lindenberg Seeds
OSC Seeds
Whitehouse Perennials
Budd Gardens
Brent And Becky's Bulbs


Ottawa Horticultural Society
Iowa Region Lily Society


Canadian Garden Magazine

International Websites

Diane's Flower Seeds

Advance Greenhouses
Large selection of greenhouse kits and supplies. Greenhouses are perfect for propagation and over wintering flowers. Search by Covering, Price Range, Size

Irish Gardeners Forum
Forum for Irish and non-Irish gardeners to discuss problems and solutions related to gardening the world over

Happy Garden

Modern natural stone fountains Aguafina
Garden designer provides stone and Japanese lanterns, granite pavers, water garden supplies, and fountains designs from around the world

United States Websites

The Garden of Mike and Sandy Stoy

Bougainvillea Growers International
Nation's largest bougainvillea grower offering bougainvillea bush, trellis, trees, hanging baskets, and bonsai.

Parry's U-Cut Tree Farm
U Cut Christmas tree farm located just outside Portland Oregon. Wedding Venues, too.

Virginia Beach Tree Removal and Care

United Kingdom Websites

Allotment Growing
Allotment diaries, photographs, advice about growing vegetables, fruits and herbs with a forum for chatting on the plot.

Garden link directory covering links to everything to do with gardening. Gardening link site offering links to garden information sites.

King & Co.
- Choose from our wide selection of evergreen trees, Acer Trees, bamboo, topiary, tree ferns, containerised trees online. Order now

Vegetable Garden and Forums
- Website packed with information on growing vegetables and discussion forum where you can discuss your problems and successes

Misc. Websites

Around the Woods
Wood turning instruction, tips and techniques for the beginner or experienced turner. Projects, jigs, pictures and videos. A juried woodturner, Darrell Feltmate shares his experience with others..

Alice Woodrome Gallery
A wonderful website filled with stories and poems, garden and flower photographs and a whole lot more... Well worth spending time looking around.

GrowEm Plant Propagation Database
Database covering the propagation of over 1200 plant species from seeds, cuttings, layerings, grafting, and most other techniques. Composting techniques and fertilizers, growth media and lighting, etc., covered in detail. Plants indexed by category

Vinyl Storage Sheds
Find the complete selection of vinyl storage sheds from Good's Garden Sheds. We provide an attractive and useful addition to your home safety from extreme wind, rain, or snow with fit your smaller budget. Visit our website for detailed information.

Personal Websites

My Garden Diary
A excellent site from the England. Sandy give wonderful tips for novice gardeners and weekly updates about her English and French gardens. A great resource.

Composting Websites

Compost Central
Composting for those who have never composted and those who have been composting all their lives. Compost piles, bins, tea and tumblers explained.

Emily Compost
- Website packed with all kinds of information on composting and gardening.

More Websites

Hydroponics and Gardening Supplies
- For all your hydroponics needs and home of the worlds only Hydroponic Encyclopedia.

Discover Plants
- Website dedicated to extensive information about the world of plants.

Garden Center Nursery
Exotic flowers, plants, shrubs, garden tools, and accessories. Garden and patio furniture, bonsai trees, water fountains. Visit Garden Center Showplace, everything for your garden under one roof

Gardening Chat Sites

Plant & Gardening Tips
- An interactive informational site that provides plant care and gardening tips. Visitors ask horticultural questions and make comments.

Terrarium Sites

Terrarium Supply and Plants
Learn everything you need to know to make your next DIY terrarium project a success!.

Canadian Daylily Suppliers

Hortico - Your Source for Unique Plants...
Fairyscape Daylilies
Gardens Plus
Hayfields Now Daylily Garden
Artemis Gardens
Nottawasaga Daylilies
Walnut Gardens
Hermerocallis Montfort

United States Daylily Suppliers

Tom's Daylilies

Canadian Iris Suppliers

Ferme Les Champs Fleuris
Gatrix Garden Supplies
Walnut Gardens

Other Links

Mike's Photography Website
Website of stock photographs by wildlife photographer Michael Cummings.

World Wildlife Photography
Website of wildlife and nature photographs by wildlife photographer Michael Cummings.
Website of wolf photographs for sale by wildlife photographers Michael Cummings and Bill Maynard.

Charlotte's Daylily Diary 2006
A wonderful source of garden and daylily websites from all around the world. If Charlotte does not have it, most likely no one will. A highly recommended site to bookmark

iCan Garden

Fish pond | Koi News, Articles and Resources
Find extraordinary ideas, tips and supplies through our extensive list of contacts.

The Prairie Garden 
The Prairie Garden is an annual publication produced by a Winnipeg based horticultural committee
. Each issue features a special topic as well as general gardening advice for prairie conditions.

Millette Photomedia
The site where you can visualize hundreds of hosta, daylily and iris pictures for your publications (newspapers, magazines, catalogs, websites, etc.). Also a list of very interesting links

Medina Soil Activator Salt Soil Spray Fungicide
Organic Gardening Shop proudly offers a complete line of all-organic gardening products such as herbicides, fertilizers, insect and pest control, orange oil, and biostimulants. Our Solution Finder helps identify bugs and insects, weeds, diseases, and wildlife problems, with pictures descriptions and remedies.

Gardening Ideas
Organic Gardening - Another crucial gardening tip is that of the techniques which you use in the garden. This is perhaps the most important gardening tip of all, in that even with the right tools you can still misuse them; therefore possibly causing unnecessary strain on your body. One gardening tip in particular which can often come in handy to know is that of moving plants.

Ergonomic Garden Hand Tool - Easy Gardening
The ergonomic Azada quickly turns sod into garden, cultivates, trenches, and more. Better than a shovel - faster and easier - digging tool used round the world.

Gardening with GerryAn information packed website on numerous gardening topics. Worth taking a look at.

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