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Daylilies belong to the genus Hemerocallis. They are related to the Lily plant but do not form the true bulb of the true Lilium genus. The fact that they do not form a bulb does not in any way reduce the wonders and beauty of these exquisite flowers. They have been called the "Perfect Perennial". They are tough and resilient and can add a special something to your garden. Daylilies come in all sizes, shapes and colours. Most people are familiar with the wild Daylily that can be seen growing on road sides or on old farms. These are the orange lilies that are most commonly called Tiger Lilies. This however is a miss naming as the true Tiger lilies come from L.tigrinum which is a true lily that forms bulbs.

However like their name implies each Daylily flower last for only one day. This might seem to be a waste at first but they make up for the short lifespan of each flower by producing multiple branching flower stems that can bloom for weeks. There are even some that are continuous or rebloomers. One of the best known of these is the little golden marvel called Stella de Oro.

Stella de OroStella de Oro can be found in many gardens in the Ottawa area. They are many an amateur gardeners first introduction to the wonderful world of Daylilies. Now gardeners are being introduces to new varieties that are coming out in the local garden centres. But if you want truly spectacular varieties you should search the internet for some of the specialty nurseries. I can guarantee you will be amazed at the colours you can find.

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